2018 Strategies for a Kick-Ass Social Media Plan

Foreseen changes on Facebook, are not the only challenges brands will be facing during 2018.

On the contrary, brands must be willing to face new and better challenges; which means being riskier in terms of social marketing strategy.

Our team from Lion Fuse Digital Media selected the top 4 practices that we must not forget when making a social media marketing plan:

  • The disappearance of Inbound Marketing: The erosion of the organic reach will continue in 2018. Facebook’s algorithm has been decreasing organic reach drastically, leaving it an almost non-existent percentage, with which many brands conform.
  • The growth of Influencer: In previous years we have seen how brands use these public figures to promote their products, but the challenge is to measure the real impact (aka ROI). In addition, we will see how brands are gradually moving away from celebrities to make way for Micro-influencers, with lower, but more committed audiences that connect in a more passionate way.
  • More quality and less quantity: Brands will use their budget in a smarter way and reduce the amount of content to make way for newer and more impactful formats.
  • The future of video: Facebook has positioned itself as a strong platform for videos and one of the biggest competitors of YouTube. In 2018 we will be able to see new functionalities in the native videos where brands can have more exposure.

Are you ready to improve your marketing strategy and be more competitive than ever?

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About Lion Fuse:

Lion Fuse is a full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Hollywood, FL. We specialize in corporate branding, digital media and e-commerce management. Our team is composed of creative and data-driven individuals who share a passion for online marketing.

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